Corne Leicester - Photographer

Corne Leicester

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My story started when I applied to enroll for a course in photography at T.U.T. where I went through a strenuous interview and got accepted to the course. I started studying photography in 2007 at Tshwane University of Technology.

In 2010 i finished my B-Tech. I am a 24 year old artist and Conceptual photographer, currently working in studio on a full-time basis, as well as on location. I primarily utilize natural light and flash. While specializing in Conceptual Portraiture for my B-Tech, i chose to venture away from conventional photographic style, and developed a taste for telling stories through my photograph.Portraiture is considered a specialized division of photographic art, and therefore has its own standards and criteria. The portrait can be judged, on the one hand, on how closely it resembles the appearance and on the other hand, how closely it resembles conceptual thinking. With every portrait photographed, I discovered that I portrayed a part of myself within that image.

For most artists, the pure joy of being able to express their creativity through their work is sufficient payment. They don`t create images to express opinions or to generate an income; it is merely to provide an escape for their creative energy. Over the 4 years that I have studied at T.U.T., the most valuable lesson that I have learned, is to regard patience as a virtue. Be patient for opportunities, be patient for achievement and be patient to be rewarded by a full life in photography!

"Amateurs worry about equipment;
Pros worry about money;
Masters worry about Light."